Single and Trusting God - Alicia Jones

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” -Corrie Ten Boom   

As I go through my life and especially my 30’s, this has become my mantra. To not be afraid but, in all things, all areas of my life, I must trust God. In my singleness, God has shown me so much about life, family, friends - everything. The main thing that has been at the forefront of all the lessons learned is “WAIT.”

Everything that I’ve tried to do or rush into hasn’t panned out because, in this season of my life, I’m supposed to wait. Wait on Him and follow Him are the overall pressing thoughts that I’m consistently reminded of. Life can get you caught up, and we can lose sight of what really matters. While in this “waiting” season, I’m learning patience, but most importantly I’m seeing how much God just wants me to focus on Him, who He is and who I am in Him.    

With all of that comes the trusting God part. I once heard the story of a young couple who was traveling by boat when a big storm started raging. The man was a mighty warrior and his wife was afraid because it seemed almost hopeless. The boat was extremely small and the storm was huge and, at any moment, they were going to drown. The man sat silently and calm; his wife was trembling and she asked, “Are you not afraid?” The man laughed and took his sword out of its sheath. The woman was puzzled. Then, he put the sword close to his wife’s neck. He asked, ”Are you afraid?”

She started to laugh and said, “Why should I be afraid? If the sword is in your hands, I know you love me.” He put the sword back in its case and said, “I know God loves me, and the storm along with my life are in His hands.”   

This waiting and trusting God season is leading me into the mindset as the warrior. With all of the insecurities of life, I have to not be afraid to trust my unknown future to a very known, amazing and mighty God. Why should I be afraid of my future when my life is in God’s hands? God is the reason why even in pain, I can smile... in confusion, I understand... in betrayal, I trust, and in fear, I continue to fight. So this is me, single and trusting God.

Pastor Derek JacobsComment