Building Character As a Youth - Mykal Herron

Building character as a youth or teen is never an easy task, but is a task that is very necessary. Many things play into doing so such as knowledge, support, and most importantly, the will to do so.

Education is a topic that is often drilled into children’s minds; drilled so adamantly to where we can no longer listen to the same thing. Well I know what you’re thinking, “Is she saying that education is NOT important?” That is not at all what I am implying, but sometimes things have to be presented to us in a new manner in order for the message to be clearly reciprocated. As Christian’s, we must learn to cater to all walks of life. Sometimes we have to speak a language (spiritually), that we’ve never spoken before in order to seek and heal a new spirit.

This is where support is needed. Adults must learn to listen to our youth, for we are the future. Though we need to be allowed to make mistakes in order to learn, we also need to be taught something called “accountability”. When we are in the wrong, we have to learn to first accept it, then correct it.

I want to leave my youth with a question… Do you have the will to do so? Will it always be an idea for you, or do you truly want to better yourself?

Derek Jacobs2 Comments