I Will Do It Later

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what God is calling you to do today?”  It is a very familiar phrase all of us have heard at some point in our lives.  I wonder if we really take this phrase seriously.  As a matter of fact, when God calls us to do something, how many times do we say “Okay God, but I’ll do it later.”  Watch this; I have learned in my life as a son, a father, a husband, a friend and a pastor that “later” is one of the most abused drugs today.  It is a drug (like other harmful drugs) that is so addicting.  We get hooked and strung out on it so easily.  It is so easy to say, “I’ll do it later,” simply because it helps us to feel better and we may actually think we will do it later.  It is almost like we feel a temporary relief of responding to God’s call without actually having to go through with it.  For example, we say that we want to lose weight, eat healthier or even save money.  Even though we know we need to do it right now, we say, “As soon as I get my life in order,” or “As soon as January 1st comes” or how about this familiar phrase, “When the timing is right I am going to do it.”  In the meantime we continue to avoid working out, eat unhealthy and spend like money is not an object.  In other words, in our minds, “Later” is as already done, but action never comes.  When we feel the urge to get our fix on “later”, we need to stop and ask ourselves a question.  What is the real reason we have for doing it later?  Nine times out of ten we will find that the window is open and the time for action is now.  What is God calling us to do today?  Is God calling us to start a new business.  Is God calling us to become more active in ministry?  Is God calling us to lead?  Is God calling us to make a change in our lives?  Is God calling us make a very important decision?  God is calling us to do something today.  Will we do it or put it off for later?  The blessing is in moving when God says to move!!!  Let’s get sober on “later” and get hooked on “action”.