Senior Blog - Ciara Edwards

Before I can remember, there has been a high expectation for me to stick to common morals, continue to have a strong faith and make something of myself. From being a committed volunteer in my community at the age of 6 and 7, to dedicating my life to Christ at the age of 13 and graduating with my Associate’s Degree at 17 years old, I have been motivated to not stop here.  I continue to fulfill my purpose and calling here on Earth. Growing up in a single-parent household never discouraged me as much as it could have because I had older siblings to help my momma out.  I have amazing mentors to motivate me to never give up, and last but not least, my incredible church family that help me strengthen my walk of faith with Jesus Christ.

I remembered looking forward to being a graduating senior since I was in the 6th grade. People would give me advice on how high school will allow me to get out of my comfort zone and push me to my highest limits of anxiety. I didn’t want to believe them because at the time, everyone with advice were high school students, and they made it look effortless. I finally entered my 9th grade year of high school believing I would always be myself and would not let these next few years change who I am. As a freshman, I used to think that my Senior year would be a breeze, since I had been taking college classes and continued to maintain a 3.3 grade point average in my high school classes.  My Senior year has actually been one of the most difficult and chaotic years of my life. The people telling me that I would be stressed out a few years ago were right. After applying to colleges, gathering all the items to complete scholarships, being a committed employee, fulfilling my home duties, and other extracurricular activities, I have realized that being a graduate is a bitter sweet feeling. I’ve learned that in this world, in my race, nothing is given to you. Hard work and restless nights will be just the beginning of accomplishing my dreams.

As a senior in high school, I want to motivate students of all ages that just because a task is not easy to complete, does not mean it isn’t worth completing.  I have been raised (through my church family) to know that it takes a village to accomplish the smallest of things in order for them to turn into greatness. This has resolved a lot of my downfall and led me toward my accomplishments.  However, it hasn’t been anybody but God himself that has given me my biggest battles to walk through alone. I am interested in social activities and media going on in the world from past and present. With Trump as our President, racial injustice, the music industry is all over the place, and many other discouraging events going on in this world. God is truly the most overpowering event that takes over my life. A walk of faith is never easy. I am a witness, as a high school student, it definitely was not. There have been many mistakes I’ve made because I didn’t consider Him first.  There have been many mistakes I’ve made because I went to Him first but didn’t listen.  And lastly, there have been many situations, where I listened to Him, prayed about something, humbled myself in what He was saying and turned out much less distraught than if I hadn’t. What I’m saying is, as a senior in high school, it became much easier when I took His lead.  There were some things I did just for the worldly experience and I’m sure there will be many more.  But because I’ve taken the time to build my relationship with Christ, there is nothing that could steer me away from loving and depending on Him.

Nothing is too hard when you are strong-minded, have God as your witness, and one strong support system.  Even when you don’t have one or two of the three, do not be discouraged.  Your time will come, and your days will get brighter. Having the opportunity to earn an education to this degree is an honor and I hope I have made everyone proud, including my ancestors.

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