Teenage Christian - Zion Combs

Today’s world is one of technology and drama. Of fierce hate, and of love. And most importantly in my opinion, powered by youth. We control a lot of what is filtered through social media. Whether it is aiding what is trending, bringing awareness to topics of necessity, or chasing popularity in an ever growing contest. But one concern I’ve always had is that a large group of us, while chasing the previously listed topics, lose ourselves. Our spirituality.

As a Christian, it is our duty to bring light to areas of darkness, continue to pursue and spread the word of God. However, that doesn’t easily cooperate with our, for lack of a better term, “teen-ness”. More often than not I find chats about the gospel bogged down with other worldly matters, things that are material and irrelevant. I know a person (whose name I will keep private), began the year off with a bright attitude and large heart filled with the Lord. Every time I talked to her, the conversation always cycled around to that. However, by the time the school year came to a close, her docile nature turned from preaching, to talking about boys and sex.

I am in no way stating change is a bad thing, as different environments bring different situations. But it should be nowhere this drastic. This change can be easily attributed to what is called a “hive mentality”. Doing what others are doing. Almost acting like a mirror image. But my question is: What if God was the image? What if instead of telling lies, spreading hatred and rumors, we confronted it with love and compassion? The way Jesus taught us to. Surely it can spread. It spread to me when my friend was living the word. She sadly surrounded herself with friends that later mistreated her. But if enough of us, us who have at least the faith of a mustard seed, spread that same gospel throughout our friend groups and schools, we can change the world. I know we can. We do it with the Kardashians, rappers, Gucci. Why not here? The answer is, WE CAN!

Karen HamiltonComment