God's Purpose - Zion Combs

When I was little, I wrote a small book titled “Frog on a Log.” It wasn’t anything special just a small book with small sentences that I also illustrated. And despite its simplicity, I found joy and wonder in it. Until one day I left it in my Mimi’s car. I believe that’s a perfect segue into what happened for most of my journey in life and more specifically high school.

Most of your life you spend finding your purpose, and for most it also leads to us denying it as well. As every Christian has heard many times before, our talents and gifts are blessings from God. It means it’s up to us to fulfill his plan by using our gifts. However, like Peter we tend to stray. I found myself doing this especially during high school as I was unsure of my own interests. I had told myself that I was interested in engineering. While I was interested, it wasn’t genuine. I only gained interest after learning of the amount of money I could earn. I spent two years denying my own gift as if it wasn’t mine to begin with.

Part of growing up is also coming of one’s own. So, I believe my doubting in my own talents and passion can be likened to a rite of passage. Most people my age go through a period of self-doubt, usually brought upon by an expectation to go to a good college. I know this even affected my thinking when I went to a reunion. Everyone is going to a very expensive private colleges, while I am going to UNT. Not to say I’m not grateful for my situation, as many cannot attend college at all. But it’s easy to lose sight on what really needs to be accomplished. For me, that’s publishing my book. However, just as before I got lost. Everyone wants the “nice looking” path to success, the one that’s star studded and gorgeous. But a path to success is just that, no matter the visuals.

So where does this leave me today? High school was a very confusing experience. Matter of fact, all my life so far, was. But it all leads to a definite climax. And that is God’s will. Some people believe that God’s will is ambiguous and is never definite, but everyone knows what God has called them to do. For me, I have been called to write for the masses. For everyone else, I do not know. But I believe that’s what life has been so far. A journey of discovery.  Sometimes a journey of rediscovery in my case. A journey of purpose. A purpose which God has given to us.

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