The Village Vision Message

The Village is a place where growth and learning are massive. It is a place where we are committed to investing time and energy to helping others excel, therefore our opportunities and potential through Christ are endless.  It is a place that does not manage mediocrity, but manages empowerment and excellence.  It is a place that is not thought of as complaining experts, but solution experts.  A place where the community looks to for spiritual education, guidance and direction.  A place to experience the love of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Story

The Village began as the "South Campus,"  a ministry of St. Luke Community United Methodist Church. Worship began in the home of Don and Cecilia Edwards in Desoto, TX, in January of 2010. As the congregation grew, worship services moved to the First United Methodist Church in Cedar Hill until relocating to its current home at 1615 N. Hampton Road. In August 2012, the joint church council with South Campus and St. Luke voted to make the South Campus its own fellowship. In 2013, the church's name was officially changed to The Village. The church celebrated receiving its charter on Sunday, April 14, 2013. In December of the same year, The Village was awarded 12 acres of land to build a bigger facility and an even bigger following for Christ.

Our Vows

Our membership vows express God’s call upon our lives to discipleship: 

Prayer:  We believe prayer is at the center of everything we do.  We believe that prayer connects us with God and strengthens the bonds of individuals, families, and the community as people pray with and for one another.  

Presence:  We believe presence is an invitation to commit to educating ourselves to the teachings of Christ in order to impact and shape values, priorities, expectations, and guidance in life.  

Gifts:  We believe our gifts challenge us to invest in something larger than ourselves that will honor and glorify God so that we can be empowered and equipped to excel to our God given potential and make an impact in the world.  

Service:  We believe our service allows us to be the hands of Christ as we comfort sick, heal the hurting, feed the hungry, visit the lonely and imprisoned, house the homeless, cloth the naked, and give hope to the hopeless.  

Witness:  We believe that we are representatives of Christ and we are called to praise God not only through our actions, but also through our words as we proclaim the good news to all the world.