Building Your Spiritual Core - LaQuenda Jackson

My oldest son, Jack, started running cross country this past year. And he wasn’t half bad. In his first race, he came in 7th out of about 50. I was pretty impressed. He had a decent showing in his second and third races, as well, finishing in the top 10. But because of the constant pounding on the concrete during training, his knees started to hurt, then his hips, and slowly, but surely, his body began to break down. He was in so much pain that his dad and I took him to the doctor. The orthopedist said he was out of alignment and needed therapy to build his core.
It took a few months of therapy and core exercises at home, but Jack was able to get his body back on track. However, it’s a constant condition, so it requires constant acknowledgement and sometimes, extensive rehab when certain situations arise.
Isn’t that how it is in our walk with Christ? Life pounds us. The job, the family, the kids…it all keeps piling on the pressure until we are out of alignment with God. We keep trying to press forward, but if you’re out alignment, your spirit takes a downward spiral. Just like in the body, your spirit can form an “inflammation” of sorts and cause great discomfort in your life.
Initially, Jack started trying to adjust so that It wasn’t as uncomfortable. He tried walking differently, bought new shoes, and soaking in hot baths at night. He tried to handle it on his own. But it only got worse.
Sound familiar?
I believe Christ wants us to pay more attention to our core faith. When our spirit gets out of alignment, we should undergo extensive spiritual therapy. Daily devotionals, bible study, meditation, you name it. We should be engaging in all “exercises” needed to get us back on track. We also need to recognize that it is a constant condition. Life will constantly throw curve balls our way. If we are continually building our core, we won’t be knocked out of alignment and thrown off track so easily.
So, what type of spiritually therapeutic exercises are you engaging in? Work to build your spiritual core, and you will be able to withstand the strenuous, often exhausting trials that life can dish out.

Karen HamiltonComment